Guiding & Instruction - Mountaineering (Alpine Climbing)

Guiding & Instruction - Mountaineering

Custom, or private guiding means you have a guide dedicated to you or your group, rather than being in a class or clinic that is open to other guests. UMA can tailor Custom Guiding to your specific goals, needs and time frame. Generally we can also push dates forward or back to avoid major storms or other weather and conditions issues.

UMA's outstanding guides and instructors are available daily to lead peaks and summits and help guests progress in any and all aspects of Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing.

Personalized coaching accelerates learning and helps elevate you to the limit of your ability. Progress with a UMA guide, and he or she can then lead you in the Tetons, Mt. Hood, Rainier, Whitney, Denali, Aconcagua, Mt. Blanc, The Matterhorn, Everest and many more ascents in the US and around the world.

All scheduled climbs and courses can be taught on a custom, private basis, any day that works for you or your group.

Instruction & Skill Building

Personalized coaching accelerates learning and helps elevate you efficiently toward the limit of your ability. Custom programs can include specifically the skills and instruction YOU want and need. The offerings listed are by no means a complete list. If you seek other alpine knowledge or techniques, please contact UMA, and we will accommodate you.

Expedition Training

Learn mountaineering skills and winter camping and climb Wasatch peaks. During a single-day session or overnight outing, build mountaineering skills, winter camp and climb a Wasatch peak in preparation for The Matterhorn, Rainier, Aconcagua, Denali, or other expedition climbing.

Guided Peaks

The Wasatch Range near Salt Lake City is home to various types of alpine climbs, from mixed alpine to dry alpine rock. Hiring a guide enables our guests to attain summits, train and practice skills in all seasons. Some of our favorite Utah alpine routes include Toledo Peak, Mt. Superior, The Pfeifferhorn, Lone Peak, The Sundial and Mt. Olympus.

Guided Alpine Traverses

Alpine traverses have become a favorite for UMA guides and guests alike. The goal is to travel light and fast to cover lots of ground, and the Salt Lake mountains offer great terrain for it. Traversing combines rock climbing, scrambling and trail running into a scenic, aerobic adventure.

Rock Climbing - Guiding & Instruction - Utah Mountain Adventures

Join Utah Mountain Adventures for guiding or instruction in Utah's Wasatch range, a world class climbing area with outstanding vertical landscapes of granite, quartzite, limestone and alpine peaks. Learn techniques and routes in Little Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood, Mt. Olympus , Bell's Canyon, etc. Our guides know the routes intimately and can help you excel while making your climb as memorable as the scenery.

Or build skills in a course, such as the Rock Climbing Clinic or Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing Course, Teton Prep, Canyoneering Course, or Learn to Lead. Safety and client satisfaction are paramount at Utah Mountain Adventures. We limit the size of our groups to ensure individual attention from our highly experienced guides.

UMA also specializes in corporate team-building and just-for-fun, group climbing activities. Participants learn trust by belaying and lowering one another under guides' supervision. Climbers overcome fear and push each other while scaling vertical walls and rappelling down. Venues in the Cottonwood Canyons are easily reached, can accommodate large groups, and offer climbing challenges from friendly to 5.13.

View our complete schedule of Salt Lake Rock Climbing Courses.

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