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Level 1 Avalanche Refresher Course:

UMA's Level 1 Refresher is a single-day, field-based review of key Level 1 concepts and skills. Given that Avi 1 is such an intense, 24-hour download of information, it's wise to brush-up annually! This compact course is well worth the cost and time. Focus is on information-gathering, appropriate terrain selection, and effective decision-making for Level 1 graduates.

Broadly experienced UMA guides share with students the practical tools they actually use to make consequential up and downhill route-finding decisions efficiently.

Learning Outcomes::

  • Review of the types of Avalanche Problems and how to treat them
  • Understanding scale of terrain; paths & specific features; mapping snow cover
  • Relating current structure and layering in the snowpack to realistic tour planning
  • Review of snow surface changes, metamorphism and formation of Persistent Weak Layers (facets, depth hoar, surface hoar)
  • Understanding and correct use of most current snowpit practices: hardness, shears, tests (CT, ECT, PST, DTT)
  • Effective interpretation of test results (strength, structure, propagation; red lights, lemons)
  • Prioritizing snowpack tests and observations based on current snowpack issues
  • Applying tests, terrain selection & decision-making skills to current avalanche problems
  • Use of safe travel protocols & communication to mitigate human factor risks (group size, diversity & goals)
  • Awareness of best backcountry practices in up and downhill travel & etiquette

How to Register:

Digging Snowpits, Level 1 Avalanche Refresher

Digging Snowpits, Level 1 Avalanche Refresher

Course Details

2023-24 Dates

Dec 3, 2023

Dec 9, 2023

Jan 20, 2024

Course Schedules

7:30am-3:30pm, Field Session


Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, Salt Lake City, Utah


$219 per person plus tax.

UMA reserves the right to cancel or shorten the clinic if fewer than 2 participants register.


Requires sufficient fitness to travel 1,500 ft uphill at altitudes of 7,000ft and above. Must feel comfortable making downhill turns in variable snow conditions unless using snowshoes. Previous Level 1 Course is required. Backcountry travel experience is highly recommended.

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