Frequently Asked Questions - Avalanche Education

Frequently Asked Questions - Avalanche Education

What is the difference between Avalanche Skills and Level I?

The Skills course consists of one lecture and one full field day. Beacon rescue, snowpits, and group travel are addressed. The Level I conveys the same topics in more detail, and participants get a chance to apply the skills learned under the supervision of a guide.

Which course is best for me?

If you have spent time in avalanche-prone terrain outside ski resorts, you are probably ready for the Level I. At least some touring experience is recommended, but not required.

Avalanche Skills is for anyone considering venturing outside controlled ski resort boundaries. It is appropriate for those who have never toured before or are seeking a succinct review of the material.

Who takes Level II?

Serious recreational backcountry skiers and snowboarders, mountaineers, ice climbers and snowshoers enjoy the class. Ski patrollers, mountain guides, heli-ski guides, and other winter outdoor leaders also are common in the course. Level I or an equivalent introductory avalanche class is a prerequisite.

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